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Ducks - MS-DOS

Ducks2.txt Ducks Duck Hunt is a 1984 light gun shooter developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game console. The game was first released in Japan in April 1984, and as a starter game for the NES in North America in October 1985, and two years later in Europe. The ducks appear singly or in pairs, and the player is given three arrows to shoot them down. The player scores points for shooting each duck. If a player shoots the required number of ducks in one round, the player will advance to the next round; otherwise the player will get the end of the game. Duck hunting (NES version) The game initially received a few reviews, but received mild critical acclaim. Prior to the NES release, Nintendo also made Duck Hunt based on the Laser Clay Shooting System released in 1976. Later, it was a pack-in game paired with Super Mario Bros .; the package later also included World Class Track Meet. The game was released as the title of the virtual console on the Wii U in 2014. Duck Hunt is a shooter where the aim is to shoot moving targets on the TV screen while flying. The game is played from a first-person perspective and requires a light NES Zapper pistol with which the player aims and shoots at the screen. It also requires a CRT TV as the Zapper gun will not work with LCD or HDTVs. Each round has a total of ten shooting targets. Depending on the game mode the player selects before starting the game, one or two targets will appear on the screen at any time, and the player has three shots or attempts to hit them before they disappear. To advance to the next round, the player must successfully shoot the minimum number of targets; failure will end the game. The difficulty increases as the player progresses to higher rounds; targets will move faster and the minimum number of targets to be fired will increase.