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Duke Nukem 3d - MS-DOS

Duke Nukem 3d2.txt Duke Nukem 3d Duke Nukem is the first FPP game to win the hearts of players more than Doom. This resulted in a rivalry between 3D Realms and ID Software. The latter released Quake not long after, which turned out to be even better for most people, though people had different feelings and some preferred DN3D and others Quake. But let's go back to the main thread of this review. What was so amazing about DN3D? First, graphics. All maps were made in three dimensions, had high resolution (for those times) textures, you could set the resolution of 800x600 in the setup and by adding a certain parameter to the command line even 1024x768. However, regular sprites were still used to replace monsters, weapons, items and other things. Another advantage was the sound. The sharp sound of reloading weapons, howls and roars of monsters, texts of the main character, groans of people (women) trapped in cocoons and many others. The music was also very atmospheric, come very similar to that of Doom. Are these all the advantages of the game? Not. A huge advantage is also great opportunities, such as the use of various equipment, the possibility of playing billiards, using the toilet, breaking down blocking walls or destroying the environment.It was one of the first games in which we were given the opportunity to swim and fly a jetpack. In addition, there were many other items that helped a lot in the fight against monsters, incl. steroids that doubled our strength, the hologram helped confuse the enemy (we were positioned when the monster chased us and he was hiding, and then he was attacking our fake lance or night vision. In addition, we were allowed to aim the mouse, look up and down, jump and crouch. It was the first FPP game where the rear view camera switch to TPP has been added. Now let's move on to the arsenal and enemies. The equipment with which we will destroy creatures is very extensive. We have real weapons, come mostly fictional. Some are more useful, others less. We start with a regular pistol and kick, but you can get shotguns or rockets quickly. Other weapons include detonator grenades, reducers, freezers, laser mines, carbines and a devastator. The latter is my favorite weapon. It fires rockets very quickly. Fight against a wide variety of creatures that come from space and want to destroy the Earth. There are weak soldiers, mutant cops, green crawling brain-eaters, eight nice and many more. Additionally, the aforementioned cops use various vehicles, such as tanks or some flying vehicles. There is a boss at the end of each episode. I should also mention the atmosphere of the game. It is changeable, one moment you feel the atmosphere of terror, and the next the game turns into a cheerful shooter. But there is always a bloody mess. By shooting the monster with the bazooka, we will see how it is torn into pieces that fall apart throughout the room. Sometimes it happens that a hand or an eye passes in front of us. However, when we shoot the rifle, blood will be left on the wall behind the monster, which will slowly drip.