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Duke Nukem - MS-DOS

Duke Nukem2.txt Duke Nukem In 1997, the maniacal Dr. Proton developed mechanical creatures known as Techbots. The mad scientist commanding the army of Techbots intends to conquer the whole world. There is only one hero on Earth who can stop him with his weapon and attitude: the Duke Nukum. Based on the same game engine as Crystal Caves, Duke Nukum, Episode 1: Shrapnel City is a side-scroll shooter with platform elements. Most of the gameplay is about shooting enemies and exploring your surroundings, trying to get to the exit and move on to the next stage. Some elements of the environment are destructible: obstacles can be eliminated by shooting them. Defeated enemies earn the player points. Duke can also collect power-ups to increase his health or upgrade weapons, as well as collect items from his inventory with special abilities. At the end of most levels, the player can receive additional points depending on his achievements and achievements unlocked during the game (e.g. destroying all security cameras). This game is the first episode of the trilogy; each episode was released separately as well as a complete game. In this episode, Duke hunts down Dr. Proton in ruined Los Angeles, fending off techbots that try to stop him.