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Dungeon Hack - MS-DOS

Dungeon Hack Dungeon Hack is an RPG program created by DreamForge studio for Strategic Simulations Inc., in the nineties of the last century specializing in productions based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons brand. The player will play the role of a hero who has been sent by a powerful sorceress to a mysterious dungeon complex. Somewhere in the network of kilometers of corridors there is a magic ball. The game starts with creating a hero (you can also choose a daredevil, prepared by the authors of the program). There are six races to choose from (human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, gnome and halfling) and seventeen professions (including warrior, paladin, wizard, cleric, thief and bard). Our character is also described by six skills, the parameters of which we set randomly or manually assigning points to each of them. Finally, we decide on the appearance of the dormer and move directly to the dungeon. The action takes place in real time, which means that fighting monsters resembles "hack'n'slash" productions. The player observes the world from the first person perspective, the movement takes place in leaps and bounds, as in other RPG games published by Strategic Simulations Inc. The biggest advantage of the program is the variable layout of the corridors, generated randomly before starting the game. Thanks to this solution, each game will be completely different, because in addition to the terrain, the location of objects, traps and monsters important from the point of view of the scenario are also modified. In the course of the game, players will have to travel through labyrinths, search for hidden buttons and walls, exterminate a large horde of monsters and collect items. As with other products of this type, you will also need to take care of food and the need to regenerate while resting.