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Dungeon Keeper - MS-DOS

Dungeon Keeper2.txt Dungeon Keeper Dungeon Keeper is an innovative real-time strategy game by Peter Molyneux. Its theme is the age-old struggles of heroes, exploring underground labyrinths filled with creatures of various colors. In Bullfrog Productions, however, we do not play the role of such a super knight, but the demonic lord of the dungeons, who tries to protect his estate from the temptations of other rulers and daredevils seeking fame. To this end, we must expand our underground and allocate a place in them for various specific chambers, such as a torture room, training room, henhouse, etc. All this to make them more perfect and win the favor of new, more and more ruthless monsters. At the same time, we must take care of the economic aspect, looking for new deposits of gold and diamonds that will pay for our creatures. During the game, you should also take care of constant technological development, which will provide us with many helpful gadgets, such as traps, trapdoors, reinforced doors, etc. Before us is a campaign consisting of 20 basic and 5 additional missions with various goals and priorities. All this in an interesting mix of economic RTS strategy with RPG elements. For amateurs of multiplayer games, the authors have also prepared 15 maps dedicated to playing in multiplayer mode. Dungeon Keeper allows up to 4 people to play simultaneously on a LAN or via the Internet