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Earth 2140 - MS-DOS

Earth 21402.txt Earth 2140 The first real-time strategy game by the Polish team of Topware Programs, set in the distant future, when only two powerful forces remain on Earth, fighting for resources and control of the planet. We can side with UCS (United Civilized States) or ED (Eurasian Dynasty). We have over 50 missions in different parts of the world, 30 missions for team play, dozens of vehicles operating on land, in the air and on water, various technologies for both sides of the conflict and many other innovative solutions. The battles take place on land, sea and in the air. with the help of simple robots equipped with machine guns or rocket launchers, armored tanks, undetectable vehicles, submarines, and fighters and bombers. Unique buildings for each side allow the production of special units, defense structures or even nuclear weapons. Buildings can be manned by a military garrison to protect against enemy attacks. Thanks to the research center, we can invent new technologies and improvements that will improve the capabilities of our units and increase the maximum number of units owned. We have to invent, for example, plasma bombs, laser cannons, atomic bombs or technologies for quick repair or nuclear reaction.