Egg Mania Eggstreme Madness - Game Boy Advance

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Egg Mania is Tetris, but in reverse. Rather than laying down shapes to create full rows to clear them off your screen, the concept of a single-row will be the most valuable because you'll need it to build a tower of puzzle pieces that reach far up into the sky! There are eight unlockable, egg-shaped characters (you can unlock more) who will grab at falling shapes and smash them in place with a tap of a button. If you want to rotate it, use the shoulder triggers, and a ghost image will show you where it's going to drop below.

Unlike Tetris, you're able to fill gaps in your structure if you have the correct piece. You get points for filling unbroken lines; your goal is to fill gaps without letting any line be interrupted or interrupted when stable or unstable. If you can't fill gaps and get enough pieces, the building will be unstable. If this happens, parts of the tower will collapse into the water below. As losing costs points, it's important not to let this happen as it risks reaching the hot air balloon high above!

Egg Mania is a relatively simple game. Essentially, the idea is that you need to jump across gaps to avoid water, which would cause your egg to crumble. Although there are other mechanics at play, this basic concept is what it boils down to. As for content, we played through the game's many different modes, including Bomb and Solo and even the enjoyable tutorial mode. Once we'd had our fill of everything it was easy to notice how quickly all the initial excitement wears off. The game includes an "Easy" mode that can be completed in under 30 minutes. The real challenge in Egg Mania comes from playing on more difficult modes like "Hard Boiled," but even then there's little sense of urgency or pressure to do well. Whereas games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo are about building up speed toward having a high score, Egg Mania does not have this same sense of urgency and quickening gameplay that makes some of the best puzzle games so addicting.

In Egg Mania, the complexity of combos is nearly nonexistent. I think that makes it a little too simplified. Sure, it's a novel idea with a lot of options, but there's not enough depth to it. For example, in puzzle games, having complex combos is often an essential part of the game.


Egg Mania's game design is simple and easy to understand for a variety of players. The egg-shaped character designs, which come in both silly and serious shapes, give the game a lot of charm. For example, you've got your punk-rocker with a Mohawk, Spike; there's also the robot that looks like it stepped out of Metal Gear Solid or Halo. All of the characters are pretty cool, but they're all really cute - they don't offer anything visually impressive while playing.

The graphics are very plain and minimal. This means that they get the job done, but it's not anything you would write home about.

"Sound" is in quotation marks because it refers to sound waves.

The soundtrack plays an important role in your audio experience in Egg Mania. Each themed stage comes with its own tune, and all of them get the job done--but they're not exactly moving compositions. They're overlaid on the blatantly lighthearted action with something just as fitting. It's all around average sound design, and it's definitely not a major feature of the game. You can just as easily play your own music over top for it, or listen to podcasts or audiobooks instead.

The verdict is that this sentence rewriter is good.

I played Egg Mania for the first time five to 10 minutes at E3 2002. I found it to be novel and amusing, but after playing it myself in the office, I found that I didn't enjoy it as much as with my original experience. It's just an idea that wears off quickly. Having said that, we're still in search of a long-lasting, truly addictive puzzler for Gamecube.