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Elfland - MS-DOS

Elfland2.txt Elfland You play as an elf fighting evil trolls that have invaded your homeland. Elfland was inspired by the Captain Comic and Commander Keen series from id. Gameplay - So if you play once, come back and play again for fun. It takes all 9 keys! Sounds impossible to me! Use up and down to toggle berries, use Ctrl and alt to shoot and jump, enter removes text from humans / creatures, spacebar opens inventory. Weapon Choice - Blueberries! There are red flash berries, big flash berries that move in three directions, green ... Forgot what they are doing ..., blue are looking, black bombs are destroying strange walls and they are very strong! It's fun to come back and play it, it's from 1992, so anything we think is bad is good for its time! ” Only recommended if you're a fan of Commander Keen and curious about his "clones" - just don't expect anything great from this rare underdog.