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Extreme Pinball - MS-DOS

Extreme Pinball2.txt Extreme Pinball Extreme Pinball offers fans of steel ball bounce four different tables: Rock Fantasy, Medieval Knights, Urban Chaos and Monkey Mayhem. Each of them is characterized by a unique visual setting, a specific arrangement of pinball elements (ramps, hollows, mushrooms, etc.) and a large number of bonuses, activated after hitting specific targets. It is worth mentioning that the game is much more extensive than the company's previous products. During the game, it is possible to change the material from which the ball is made, which affects its weight and speed of movement, and among the bonuses there is a multiball. The authors have also improved the display, which now has a three-fold role: it displays the current score, presents various animations, and also offers simple mini-games. In terms of available options, Extreme Pinball does not look too impressive compared to similar productions. The work of Digital Extremes, however, does not allow you to change the angle of the table, and thus affect the speed of the game. The game is incredibly fast, so fans of realistic pinballers are unlikely to like it.