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Fade To Black - MS-DOS

Fade To Black2.txt Fade To Black Our main character is calmly drifting through space in a state of cryogenic sleep. The universe, despite its enormity, turns out to be small enough to meet again with the sinister race of Morphs. Man is awakened from a fifteen-year nap only to spend the rest of his life in a space prison. A gloomy fate changes quite quickly. The mysterious John Connor comes to the rescue, delivering a weapon and a communicator, and information on a possible escape route. From the very beginning, the game requires us to master weapons and the ability to avoid traps, using the advantages and disadvantages of the environment. It is worthwhile to practice Conrad's moves a bit, because, depending on the situation, you will need all kinds of moves. Knowing the surroundings, you can run, which will save some time. It is a good idea to walk around unknown rooms to be able to draw your weapons faster if enemies appear. There is also a stealth mode in which Conrad treads carefully. Useful in situations where the floor is littered with traps. Already on the first level, you can get scorched by high-voltage tiles, and the further you go into space, the more threats appear. To overcome obstacles, you usually need a bit of dexterity and a lot of patience in setting the hero before jumping. Already during the first encounter with static traps problems with the camera appear, which does not always show it, we would like to see it well on the screen. When we stand in a corner during frog jumps through the electric floor, the fragment of the floor in front of us will disappear from the field of view. Can you take a step forward? Is Conrad close enough that the jump will be successful? It is not known, you have to try. Worst of all, death is a waste of time in this game. An animation tailored to the cause of death is fired from the disc, and the game loads the beginning of the level. Only now can you reload the game - this time from the console cache. Let's agree that the punishment would not be so terrible, if not for the fact that we lose all items collected earlier, including improved ammunition, which often cannot be recovered on specific maps.