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Fighting 4.7 ⭐
Released: 2003
Fifa 07
Fifa 07
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Released: 2006
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The Evolution and Legacy of FIFA 07 by EA Sports

A Closer Look at FIFA 07

FIFA 07, commonly referred to as FIFA Football 07 or simply FIFA 07 Soccer, is a renowned football simulation crafted by EA Canada. It took the gaming world by storm, being one of the signature releases by Electronic Arts under the renowned EA Sports brand.

Platform Availability

Remarkable Sponsorship

Adding a unique twist to its legacy, FIFA 07 sponsored Accrington Stanley during the 2007–08 season. Fans could spot the FIFA 07 logo proudly adorned on the rear of the team's jerseys.


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An In-depth Review of FIFA 07's Impact and Features

Available Leagues in FIFA 07

FIFA 07 boasts 27 distinct leagues. Additionally, fans can explore an International league spotlighting national teams and a 'Rest of World' league, showcasing renowned clubs globally.

PlayStation 2 Version's Reception

Furthermore, in March 2007, Ron Moravek, the Vice President and CEO at Electronic Arts Canada, revealed to the Edmonton Journal that FIFA 07 achieved a staggering six million sales worldwide.

BAFTA Nominations & Achievements

In the 2007 Video Game Awards, FIFA 07 clinched the PC World Gamers Award for the PS2, a testament to its popularity and success, as this award was fan-voted.

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Unveiling FIFA 07's Prestigious Recognition in the UK and Beyond

UK-Based Accolades

In the UK, FIFA 07 has secured a prominent place in gaming history. Here are some highlights:

Global Tournament Inclusions

Expanding its reach, FIFA 07 became a part of prominent gaming tournaments. Specifically:

Soundtrack Recognition for FIFA 07

The game's soundtrack didn't just entertain; it won accolades:

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The Comprehensive Soundtrack of FIFA 07

A Melodic Journey through FIFA 07

The success of FIFA 07 wasn't just due to its gameplay, but also its captivating soundtrack. Each song set the tone for every match, immersing players deeper into the game.

Complete Tracklist

  1. "Big Day" - Tahiti 80 (3:15)
  2. "Can’t Get Enough - Mekon Remix" - Infadels (4:33)
  3. "Chloroform" - Belasco (3:08)
  4. "Civil sin" - Boy Kill Boy (3:54)
  5. "Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf" - Nightmare of You (3:22)
  6. "Deepest Red" - Ralph Meyrz and The Jack Herren Band (3:37)
  7. "Discotech" - Young Love (3:54)
  8. "Fly (feat. Amin. J)" - Epik High & Amin. J (3:21)
  10. "Get Down" - Carlos Jean (3:32)
  11. "Get On the Floor" - Batman & Roban (3:26)
  12. "Gone Up in Flames" - Morning Runner (2:54)
  13. "Kick This" - Us3 (4:26)
  14. "La Cadena de Oro" - Cabas (3:43)
  15. "Los AnGeles" - Malibu Stacy (3:16)
  16. "New York Minute" - Mobile (3:35)
  17. "O Vas A Misa" - Bersuit Vergabarat (3:23)
  18. "Oh My" - Mellowdrone (3:27)
  19. "Peligroso Pop" - Plastilina Mosh (3:36)
  20. "sewn" - The Feeling (5:55)
  21. "Sie ist in mich verliebt" - Fertig, Los! (3:38)
  22. "Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse (3:31)
  23. "Tive Razão (Ao Vivo)" - Seu Jorge (9:11)
  24. "TMCR Gran Finale" - The Pinker Tones (4:31)
  25. "Uh Oh Hello" - Elefant (3:14)
  26. "Understand" - The Sheer (4:54)
  27. "Was in Zeitung Steht" - d.o.c.h.! (1:55)
  28. "You are The One" - Shiny Toy Guns (4:30)
  29. "You Got To… - Dupeheadz Dup" - The Young Punx & The Dopeheadz (6:24)

Final Thoughts

With this eclectic mix of tracks, FIFA 07 truly provided an audio-visual treat, offering players not just gameplay, but a full sensory experience. As always, when discussing such lists, it's essential to remain clear, use an active voice, and ensure smooth transitions for optimal readability.

FIFA 07: An In-Depth Review and Xbox Insights

Overall Reception & Aggregate Scores

When it comes to understanding the game's reception, aggregate scores offer a clear picture. Let's delve into how FIFA 07 fared on PS2 and PSP platforms.

Score Overview

Detailed Review Ratings

Several major publications offered their insights on FIFA 07. Here's a snapshot of their scores:

Publication Feedback

Publication PS2 PSP
GameSpot 8.4/10[15] 7.3/10[16]
IGN UK 8.9/10[17] -
IGN US 8.5/10[18] 8.5/10[19]
Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine 8.5/10[20] -

The Xbox 360 Experience

Electronic Arts introduced a revolutionary sports engine for FIFA 07 on Xbox 360. This ushered in not just enhanced graphics but also fine-tuned controls and game physics. Moreover, the data collection from matches became more intricate, enabling features like the "man of the match" award.

However, the Xbox 360 version did face limitations, including a reduced number of leagues. In fact, seven leagues remained, with Juventus being the sole team in one of those leagues. Jean-Charles Gaudechon, the producer, attributed these cuts to the extensive time needed to develop the new game engine.

On a bright note, a demo of FIFA 07 became available on Xbox Live Marketplace on October 6, 2006, giving players a taste of what's in store.

How Did the Game Fare? A Critical Analysis Across Platforms

The game received predominantly positive feedback across various platforms. Let's break down its reception based on reviews from GameRankings and Metacritic.

Xbox Reception

PlayStation 2 Insights

The PlayStation 2 version of the game maintained a commendable standing in the gaming community.

PSP's Performance

PC and GameCube Versions

For PC gamers and GameCube enthusiasts, the scores were relatively close, suggesting consistent gameplay experience.

Xbox 360 and DS Analysis

While the Xbox 360 and DS versions diverged a bit in scores, both platforms had their unique gaming strengths.

Game Boy Advance Feedback

Feedback for the Game Boy Advance was mixed, reflecting the platform's constraints.