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Flight Of The Amazon Queen - MS-DOS

Flight Of The Amazon Queen2.txt Flight Of The Amazon Queen The action of the adventure game Flight of the Amazon Queen takes place in 1941 and its main character is Joe King, a slightly distracted young man working as a pilot. King's life would have been sluggish were it not for his natural tendency to get into all kinds of trouble. He has just managed to avoid decomposition with a few kilograms of dynamite, but he is not given a chance to breathe, because the mafia trying to settle accounts with him is not going to let go of anything. On top of that, King has a contract to fly to South America with the beautiful actress Faye Russell and needs to show up at the airport before his biggest competitor does. A bit confusing, isn't it? It is up to you to decide what happens to the unlucky pilot. First you need to free yourself from the mafia-occupied hotel, board the plane and make a captivating journey with the alluring Faye to the heart of the Amazon. After some time, the engine will fail, the plane will fall into the jungle and ... let's not anticipate any more facts. Flight of the Amazon Queen uses a modified SCUMM interface once developed by LucasArts. All word commands have been replaced with icons, which unfortunately are not very legible and may initially cause a lot of problems in using the program. As with other products of this type, all items worn by King are shown at the bottom of the screen. It is worth mentioning that the inseparable companion of our hero is a baseball bat (like a whip at Indiana Jones), as well as a journal in which the state of the game is recorded. Flight of the Amazon Queen has an interesting and full of surprising plot twists, a puzzle of medium difficulty and a pleasant audiovisual setting. The undoubted advantage of the game is also its humor. The programmers made a large number of allusions to the real events of that time, and the game itself resembles a pastiche of American adventure films from the 1950s.