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Fragile Allegiance - MS-DOS

Fragile Allegiance2.txt Fragile Allegiance In a future when Earth will no longer be able to support its ever-growing population, the pioneers established colonies on countless new worlds. The lucky ones prospered and prospered, mining the precious ores and minerals they found there, and the unfortunate ones were destroyed by the cosmos. In 2496, you become the director of the Tetracorp colony and your task is to build a thriving colony while defending it against 6 alien species. Fragile Allegiance offers a fast RTS where you can buy blueprints, hunt asteroids to mine, and even build an asteroid engine and use it against an opponent that was a thorn in your side! If you prefer a more sneaky approach to achieving your goals, you can deploy spy satellites and sabotage agents to completely weaken your enemies. Once you move beyond the scope of one colony, you can appoint colony managers to handle the finer details of running and maintaining your colony.