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Framed - MS-DOS

Framed2.txt Framed An independent puzzle game in a comic book setting that is pleasing to the eye. The player's task is to properly rearrange individual elements of the interactive comic in a way that will allow the chased hero to escape safely. The Android puzzle game Framed is a production of Loveshack Entertainment - a small studio from Melbourne, which was created, among others, by thanks to the support of the Australian state institutions. In Framed, players will have to direct the actions of a man escaping the police. The atmosphere and visuals bring to mind crime novels noir, and Australian developers admit to being inspired by the works of the director of classic film thrillers - Alfred Hitchcock. The gameplay is all about arranging the interactive comic elements in an appropriate way. After watching the sequence of events for the first time, you can rearrange the puzzle with individual action elements, thus changing the sequence of events. It should be done in such a way that the protagonist runs away unscathed from the law enforcement officers chasing him. This form of fun resembles creating a comic from ready-made templates and combines some arcade and logical elements. The graphics of Framed for Android are aesthetic and clear, and the fun evokes an association with viewing (and co-creating) a comic that is pleasing to the eye.