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Goblins Quest 3 - MS-DOS

Goblins Quest 32.txt Goblins Quest 3 The third installment in the humorous adventure series by Coktel Vision about the adventures of the title creatures. The fun is mainly about solving puzzles. To do this, you need to use the special talents of each of the goblins. The third and last game in a series of logical adventures, about the adventures of nice creatures, called Goblins. This time, you play the role of Blount, an unremarkable journalist from a popular newspaper, who sets out on a dangerous journey in search of a breathtaking topic. The main goal of the game is to find the Key to Eternity. Both the valuable artifact and its current owner fell like a stone into water. It would seem that according to the rule in the series (the number of letters "i" in the title), Goblins 3 only allows you to control one hero. This is not entirely true. There will also be other characters in the game (not goblins, but still), whose help will be invaluable. The controls are very simple and come down to picking up items in one place and using them in another. The game usually takes place on one board, so the problem of visiting several locations at once disappears. After solving all the puzzles in a given stage, we are automatically transferred to the next one. Despite this, the game is very difficult and requires maximum concentration. Some of the use of items is so absurd that it takes some really crazy ideas to move the action forward. When the animal accompanying Blount appears on the screen (it can be a parrot or a miniature snake), there is a problem of mutual cooperation. Most often it comes down to the fact that both characters have to perform some actions at the same time. Goblins 3 is an extremely funny position, but there is nothing to be charmed about, it is intended only for real enthusiasts of intellectual puzzles. In case of really serious problems, you can try a detailed walkthrough contained in the menu, but this type of facilitation is available only five times throughout the game. The program was released in two versions: standard on floppy disks and on CD - the latter has extensive cutscenes and digitized speech.