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Grand Theft Auto - MS-DOS

Grand Theft Auto2.txt Grand Theft Auto The first installment of the popular series and at the same time one of the most controversial productions of the 1990s. In GTA, players take on the role of a criminal who slowly climbs the career ladder, breaking the law in various ways. Grand Theft Auto is a 3D action game developed by the Scottish DMA Design studio. The title allows you to play the role of a criminal operating in one of the three American cities and break the law in various ways. The controversial production started one of the highest-grossing series in the history of the industry. Grand Theft Auto tells the story of a novice criminal who happened to operate in the United States. After reaching the city, he undertakes further simple orders, gradually gaining trust in the environment. Over time, he becomes a dirty workman for the mafia and influential gangsters, including the respected Robert "Bubby" Seragliano. The plot in the game serves only as an excuse for fun and does not present complicated stories of characters, as is the case in subsequent installments of the saga. In the production of DMA Design, the camera presents the action from a bird's eye view. Players, after choosing one of several characters that differ only in appearance, find themselves in a large city. The fictional metropolises you can choose from are inspired by New York, Miami and San Francisco. The goal is to score a million points and complete the assigned task. This can be done in one of many ways - the title provides quite a lot of freedom in this regard. The basic method is to execute orders from the higher gangsters in the hierarchy. These vary in the level of complexity and the scale of the challenge - from the simple role of a chauffeur, through the theft and delivery of specific vehicles to a given point, to property destruction or contract murder. In addition, the hero can earn points for any illegal activities - causing a collision on the road, beating a passerby or killing an officer. The counter is also increasing for smuggling cars. However, it is also easy to worsen your result, because points play the role of a currency in GTA, for which you pay the costs of a hospital stay, a deposit for leaving the custody or repainting the car you are looking for. The implementation of subsequent orders is facilitated by a set of weapons that the hero receives during the mission or can find in various parts of the metropolis.