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Gunship 2000 - MS-DOS

Gunship 20002.txt Gunship 2000 Gunship 2000 is a refreshed and significantly improved version of the Apache AH-64A helicopter simulator, popular in the second half of the 1980s. The game allows you to sit at the controls of not one, but several gunboats and lead them to battle both in Central Europe and in the Persian Gulf region. Compared to the original, MicroProse developers introduced some interesting changes. The most important of them is, of course, the number of helicopters, of which there are as many as seven: AH-64A Apache, AH-64B Longbow, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, UH-60K / .The unit you join will consist of five pilots, and thus as many machines. As if that was not enough, before each mission, you can choose any helicopter from the currently available, which means that individual missions can be played in various ways multiple times. Of course, a gunboat cannot function without a weapon, so the authors have made sure that you have an abundance of various types. Both areas (Central Europe and the Persian Gulf) have been divided into three separate zones, each of which reflects an area of ??800 square kilometers. Obviously, the huge, fully three-dimensional terrain has a positive effect on the joy that comes from sky battles as well as the variety of missions themselves, which not only do not have to take place in the already known territory, but are also randomly generated before each start of the struggle. The MicroProse company also took care of a very good flight model, taking into account the correct representation of the virtual helicopter's movement in the air. Depending on whether the player is a realism fanatic or would like to just shoot himself, he can freely interfere with the helicopter flying options (facilitated avionics, no possibility of destroying the vehicle during landing, turning off gusts of wind, etc.).