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Happyland Adventures - MS-DOS

Happyland Adventures2.txt Happyland Adventures The creators of the incredibly popular free game Icy Tower have other hits to their credit. One of them is undoubtedly the free Happyland Adventures project, which makes a lovely nod to the old style of platformer making. Here we direct the actions of a nice rabbit, who not only has to get to the exit from the next stages, but also to save very nice animals along the way. A whole lot of things to collect was scattered on each level to increase the score, and the creatures were also buried there. It is enough to go on them and they will start following the hero, but only a handful of survivors can follow him at a time. We have to lead a certain number of charges to the designated zone so that the passage further opens. This will mean multiple courses. The further you go, the more sophisticated the stages. Secret rooms are quickly introduced and the palette of enemies is expanded. We often have more exits from the level, and there are bonus ones, filled with good. There were also special powers, such as higher jumps. The game has a built-in editor. Over time, star maps have been added to it, as well as the option of having fun on your own.