Hardball 4 - MS-DOS

Hardball 42.txt Hardball 4 The fourth entry in the popular Accolade baseball series, developed by MindSpan, a sequel to HardBall III. HardBall IV offers crisp SVGA graphics and the same HardBall-style gameplay fans know and love. Aside from the amazing SVGA graphics (which made Hardball IV the best-looking baseball game in the years before 3D cards came out), the gameplay is virtually unchanged since Hardball III. Even Al Michaels says basically the same as last game. Fortunately, while the overall number of options hasn't increased significantly, it's now even easier to pick them than Hardball III. First of all, you can choose your game options right from the main menu, including punch / smash training and everyone's favorite Home Run Derby - "fast and dirty" arcade style game. There are two modes in real baseball simulation: Exhibition and League. The basic mechanics of the game are basically the same as in Hardball III, except for the cool new sights that you can use to target throws. Another great option is that almost every Major League stadium is represented in the game (not on some obscure add-on discs like the previous game). Every detail of the stadiums is taken into account, including various billboards and actual specifications. The excellent SVGA graphics are by far the strongest point of Hardball IV. After hitting the ball, the camera angle changes automatically. The players and judges are digitized and the stadiums are exact replicas of their real counterparts. Another noteworthy addition is Mod Multiplayer, although it does have a few kinks that hinder uninterrupted gameplay.