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Heartlight - MS-DOS

Heartlight2.txt Heartlight The genesis of Heartlight dates back to the 8-bit popularity period. The title was created in 1991 by Janusz Pelc, a pioneer of Polish game development, with Atari computer users in mind. Three years later, in cooperation with the XLand studio, he prepared a conversion to a pc.The main character of Heartlight is the dwarf Mosiek. To prove his love for the beautiful Rachel, he has to collect hearts from 60 rooms (70 in the de luxe edition). The player's task is to help the loving elf fulfill his task. The gameplay in Heartlight is modeled on the classic logic-arcade game Boulderdash. The hero has to collect all hearts from the board to activate the transition to the next one. The task is complicated by stones that can block the way or even kill the hero. Therefore, the player must be able to think logically and have good reflexes. Compared to the 8-bit prototype, the PC conversion has improved graphics. The creators took care of more colors and higher resolution. Players can also create their own boards using the regular text editor.