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Heretic - MS-DOS

Heretic2.txt Heretic Raven Software started its adventure with computer entertainment with the RPG Black Crypt, well-known to Amiga fans. Shadowcaster, released in 1993, was similar in character. However, the real fame of the group was only after the release of Heretic, a typical shooter based on Doom's engine, which, of course, was kept in the fantasy convention. Heretic was definitely more technically advanced than its cult progenitor. Raven Software made several tweaks to the engine that allowed for looking up and down, collecting and using power-ups, and also flying. Some changes also affected the weapons used by our hero. After using the Tome of Power, the weapon behaved quite differently, which resulted in the introduction of a second firing mode from the same inventory to FPS games. The plot of the game tells about the attack of the Serpent Riders who came from another dimension to wreak war, death and destruction. One of them, D'Sparil, decided to stay a bit longer and he will be the main target of the title Heretic. By slaughtering the demonic minions, you have to fight your way through several stages divided into three episodes and end the demon's miserable life. Of course, our hero is not defenseless, he is provided with a handy set of extermination measures, characteristic of fantasy games. So there is a crossbow that shoots ethereal arrows, mystical gloves that kill enemies both in close combat and at a distance, as well as a magic staff that hurls fiery phoenixes and evokes associations with a manual rocket launcher. In addition, you will be able to collect and use a whole lot of items at any time, from purple energy regenerating flasks to magic eggs that, when thrown at the enemy, turn them into a harmless chicken. I must admit that Heretic is a really successful product, although in its convention it does not differ from the legendary Doom. The futuristic military base was turned into medieval buildings, shotguns and plasma cannons for crossbows and flares, and cybernetic enemies were replaced by hordes of monsters from hell. Fortunately, the shambles have remained the same and any Doom enthusiast will feel like a fish in the water while playing Heretic