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Hexen Beyond Heretic - MS-DOS

Hexen Beyond Heretic2.txt Hexen Beyond Heretic Hexen is an FPS game which is the official continuation of Heretica released in 1994. Technically, it is one of the most advanced titles to use the Doom engine, and after destroying D'Sparil and his demonic minions, it felt like the peace he longed for had finally arrived. Unfortunately, these were only appearances. The Serpent Riders from Hell broke into our dimension again and began a total slaughter, from which only three daredevils managed to get away. Now, seeking revenge, they will stand in front of Korax and try to send him back to his place - into the depths of the hellish abyss. As you can easily guess, it is you who will be faced with a daunting task, and all this thanks to the game Hexen, the official continuation of Heretica, released in 1994. Hexen is technically the most advanced Doom clone. The game allows you to look (at a slight angle, but still) up and down, it is also one of the first FPS in the history of the genre to introduce the possibility of jumping. In addition, the program offers various weather effects, earthquakes and interactive elements of equipment: trees, vases or stained glass that can be destroyed. Hexen became famous not only for its revolutionary changes in Doom's engine, but also for trying to avoid the pointless chaff in favor of adventure elements. It was the first game in the history of FPS that allowed you to freely move between individual levels. In general, the idea was to use items found in one location in another and thus move the action forward - this patent was later often exploited in other productions, including in Quake II. As if that was not enough, the player also had the option to choose a character from three professions: Mage, Warrior and Cleric. Each of them, described by four coefficients, had its advantages and disadvantages, eg the warrior moved faster, dealt stronger blows, but his magic was at a very low level. The heroes also had a unique assortment of extermination measures, four weapons for each of them.