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Hugos House Of Horrors - MS-DOS

Hugos House Of Horrors2.txt Hugos House Of Horrors Hugo's girlfriend Penelope has been trapped in a haunted house, and Hugo must search the house to find her. He enters the house, receives help from a mad scientist, disguises himself as a monster to avoid detection, runs away from a rabid dog and ends up in the caves beneath the building. He avoids deadly bats and mummies and reaches a lake where an old man blocks the way. Hugo answers the man's questions and goes to the adjoining room to find Penelope. After they find her, they both run away and get married. All other actions are entered through the text parser at the bottom of the screen where the player types commands for Hugo. The user manual recommends "simple English" with commands such as "look at the door" or "pick up gold", allowing many basic synonyms for a command. With the help of these commands, Hugo can describe to the player what he sees, interact with the environment, and solve puzzles to advance through the game. Actions that help to solve puzzles earn the player points, and the player can achieve the maximum score by performing all such actions. After picking up an item, it is added to the inventory that the player can view at any time.