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Hurl - MS-DOS

Hurl2.txt Hurl HURL is a terrible first-person shooter that tries to bring children closer to the appeal of DOOM-style slaughter by replacing violence with non-violent action and ugly cartoon monsters. Games Domain's Chris Mullen explains why this game is a turkey to avoid: "Instead of a gun, the player has a choice of three items to clean (water balloon, soap and, um, something else) and is set to clean up the Slob Zone ”, A heavily polluted area occupied by“ Bob Slob ”and his buddies. This is the plot, how little there is of it. It basically comes down to a game in the style of the aforementioned Wolfenstein 3D. There are a lot of weird bad guys out there, from the strangely obedient "Ricochet Pig", the egg throwing the "Quack Attacker" to Bob himself. The action is spread over 10 levels, in different locations (trailer park, sewers, etc.) through which the player has to travel collecting keys to unlock obstacles in his path. Rubbish is scattered across areas of the game that can be picked up and exchanged for more ammo, which in turn is used to fight off the progress of cute nasty.