Igor Objective Uikokahonia - MS-DOS

Igor Objective Uikokahonia2.txt Igor Objective Uikokahonia The game Igor: Objective Uikokahonia, prepared by the Spanish studio Pendulo, is an adventure game made in the style of the cult productions of LucasArts. In every school there is a girl who is the object of the sighs of all boys who attend classes, even those who don't stick their nose out of the book. There is a problem with Laura Wright, however - the woman is clearly aware of her popularity as she fends off all attempts at attack, especially those coming from me. A school trip to the island of Uikokahonia, where Laura intends to spend all days sunbathing, presenting her charms in a skimpy bikini, turned out to be an opportunity for a massive hit. The problem is that I, Igor Parker, cannot boast of good enough grades to go there. So we have to use a trick. Of course, two heads are better than one, so I'm counting on you to help me, the player, in achieving my dream goal. The task is not easy. In addition to the formal requirements (good grades), you also need to get rid of the eternal rival - Phillip Goolash, who adores Laura, not giving her a moment of peace. We control Igor with the mouse, giving him simple commands, the full list of which is at the bottom of the screen. As usual in such cases, we have to talk to the characters we meet, collect items and use them in certain places to move the action forward.