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In Search Of Dr Riptide - MS-DOS

In Search Of Dr Riptide2.txt In Search Of Dr Riptide Doctor Tiberius Riptide was a well-known and respected scientist who studied marine fauna and flora. No one suspected that the gentleman had secretly created an underwater laboratory that devised plans for a powerful device capable of turning all the inhabitants of the oceans into a tasty treat, packed in cans. Tuna, as Riptide called his invention, has already hit the black market, gaining immense popularity among influential businessmen. A lonely bathyscaphe is sent with a mission to find the mad doctor and destroy his laboratory. It is you - Nick Nautilus - who will sit at the controls and you will save the remaining marine creatures. Despite the unappealing storyline, In Search of Dr. Riptide turns out to be an extremely fun arcade game in which the ability to quickly press the trigger and maneuver in the tight corridors of undersea caves will be of colossal importance. Before the final duel with the mad scientist takes place, you must first overcome a huge maze of intricate underwater structures, which in addition are densely populated by our bloodthirsty ocean dwellers. Fortunately, the bathyscaphe is armed with lethal means of extermination, able to annihilate potential aggressors from a safe distance. In the narrow and dark tunnels, we will also encounter bonuses (hidden in barrels) that will increase the firepower of weapons and parts for an extremely effective plasma cannon. Step by step, our bathyscaphe is followed by a smaller unit called Jason, which you can use to get through tight tunnels. Nautilus will have to use the services of a friend's boat many times, because it is in the hard-to-reach caves that the majority of buttons are hidden, opening the gates to the next sectors of the enormous undersea fortress. While plunging into the abyss of the sea, our hero will also have to remember about replenishing oxygen and controlling the level of durability of shields that are able to repel a massive enemy attack.