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Iron Blood - MS-DOS

Iron Blood2.txt Iron Blood One of the most underrated and little-known 2D platformer games ever made, Iron Blood (released as Interrupt in Korea) offers fast-paced and furious arcade-style fights in well-animated settings, with a surprising variety of "bosses". The gameplay is essentially identical to a typical side-scrolling platformer, except that the robots and enemies in the game are very well drawn in Japanese anime style. You have 2 players (Roy Fregun piloting RG-104 Cyber-Troll and Sedrin Cleis piloting SG-43 Ripple) to choose from in Iron Blood, each with their own special skills and weapons. The gameplay is equally enjoyable on both occasions, although the RG-104 Cyber-Troll's jet amp was very helpful in making those impossible high jumps. In addition to the advantage of the RG-104 Cyber-Troll jet, the game is equally challenging for both characters. The highlights of the game, beyond the great anime graphics, are definitely the end-tier bosses, each with unique weapons, attack and weakness modes that are fun to discover. With loads of enemy robots to blow up, tons of cool upgrades, and inventive bosses that don't are a piece of cake, Iron Blood is definitely worth a watch for all fans of the genre. If you're into platform games at least a little, you'll probably love Iron Blood. Fans of Mega Man (aka Rockman in Asia) will especially find this game addictive. Thumbs up!