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Ishar 2 Messengers Of Doom - MS-DOS

Ishar 2 Messengers Of Doom2.txt Ishar 2 Messengers Of Doom Ishar 2: Messengers of Doom is the second installment of the well-known series of RPG games, launched by the Silmarils company in 1992. As was the case in the original, the action of the sequel takes place in the land of Kendoria and focuses around the title fortress. This time, a brave team under the player's command must face a certain Shandar, who after Krogh's death intends to conquer Kendoria and rebuild the power of Ishar. Although Ishar 2 is very similar to its predecessor at first glance, the authors made some changes that significantly improve the game experience. The most important innovation is the alternative location of the attack icons. They are no longer located next to the heroes' faces, but close to each other, which makes it easier to deal blows (remember that battles in Ishar take place in real time). In addition, the annoying fee for recording the state of the game has been eliminated, as well as text commands, which have been replaced with tasteful icons. We are also happy that the authors thought about the veterans of the original and made it possible to import battle-tested heroes into the second part of the game. Ishar 2: Messenger of Doom is a game much more audiovisual, better polished in terms of script and interface, but also much more difficult. The world three times larger than in the first part of the game is filled to the brim with monsters that do not intend to sell their skin cheaply. The battles are demanding, especially if we lead a team of new heroes.