Ishar 3 The Seven Gates Of Infinity - MS-DOS

Ishar 3 The Seven Gates Of Infinity2.txt Ishar 3 The Seven Gates Of Infinity The last installment of the trilogy about the land of Kendoria and its ever-plaguing problems in the form of evil sorcerers. This time, the team under the player's command must prevent Shendar from reincarnating in the body of the immortal dragon Wohratax. very good Rate the game Destroying Shandar proved insufficient. In fact, Zubaran and his brave company had only stripped him of his flesh, leaving the self intact. However, a long time has passed since those events and everything indicated that the longed-for peace had finally arrived. But Shandar was not idle and was secretly preparing for the great return. For the next portion of destruction he was preparing the whole land, he only needed a suitable body. His choice fell on the indestructible dragon, Wohratax. If the transformation is complete, the sorcerer will become immortal and will enslave the people of Kendoria forever. The task for the player is as follows: destroy the Wohratax before Shandar completes the transformation. Of course, it will not be that simple. Before you face the dragon, you must first go on a dangerous adventure that will require a journey through time, using the title Infinity Gates. Although the program is largely based on the achievements of its predecessors, several innovations have been implemented to it. The most important of them is the option of creating a team, something normal in other games of this type, unprecedented in Ishar. The game allows you to create all five daredevils from scratch, starting with the choice of race (human, elf, dwarf, orc, lizard), through the profession (paladin, warrior, barber, scout, thief, scribe, wizard, archer, spy), to the modification of five ending with basic attributes. You can always start the game in a traditional way and look for other party members during the adventure, or transfer the entire group from previous installments of the series.