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Jazz Jackrabbit - MS-DOS

Jazz Jackrabbit2.txt Jazz Jackrabbit Jazz Jackrabbit is the first part of a series of arcade platformers, developed by Arjan Brusse and Cliff Bleszinski and published by the American company Epic Games. Since its premiere in August 1994, this title has been continued with two Christmas-themed additions: Holiday Hare '94 and Holiday Hare '95. From November 30, 2017, Jazz Jackrabbit is available as a collector (including a CD-ROM version and the Holiday Hare '95 add-on) on, set in a fictional world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. One of the breeds shown in the game are rabbits from the planet Carrotus, ruled by the beloved princess Eva Earlong. One day the peace in the rabbit lands is disturbed by the invasion of an enemy race of turtles. Terrorist leader Devan Shell abducts Eva Earlong and sends ranks of raiders to her planet. The galactic rabbits cannot come to terms with the loss of their beloved princess and are demanding revenge. The main character of the story, fearless Jazz, sets out to pursue the villain, dealing with every opponent he meets along the way. Its goal is not only to rescue Eva from Devan's paws, but also to prevent the maniac from financing the Turtle Domination plan. Jazz Jackrabbit is a classic platform game in which we have to explore vast locations, eliminate enemies that threaten us and collect diamonds and all types of bonuses. Our hero can jump, run at dizzying speed and, above all, defeat his opponents with his reliable gun - LFG-2000. The game has a total of 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and turbo) and is divided into several chapters. In each of them, we have a certain number of levels to overcome (each located on a separate planet, to which Jazz goes to collect additional information about the current whereabouts of the kidnapped princess). Our hero has a limited amount of time to defeat them. The level is completed when you reach the board with Devan's image. At that time, points for time, the number of enemies killed or items are added up. In the initial phase of the game, we have a total of 3 lives and a full HP bar. When injured, our hero loses some of his health, which he can regain only after finding and eating a carrot. When exploring the levels carefully, he also has a chance to find spare life points.