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Jetpack Christmas Special - MS-DOS

Jetpack Christmas Special2.txt Jetpack Christmas Special Jetpack Christmas Special is a festive version of the famous Jetpack game, in which the main character is replaced by Santa Claus collecting (and then delivering) gifts. The general rule of the game doesn't change at all. In other words, a side view, we run up ladders, collect various bonuses and avoid various enemies and dangers, because there is no means of self-defense in the game; death occurs immediately after any contact with someone or something hostile. The bonuses include the aforementioned gifts, coins as well as more useful things: for example fuel for our jetpack (Santa also has it, otherwise the game would not get its name), which allows you to activate it and jump very high for a while, sometimes even actually fly and glide in the air, temporary inviolability and so on. The enemies in the game are represented by evil robots, birds, some flying and jumping gadgets, dangers - rolling giant balls, spikes and toxic waste on the ground. There are teleports on the levels, as well as levers and buttons that, when clicked, can open a passage somewhere or temporarily immobilize our opponents. The graphics practically do not differ from the original, i.e. they are just as bright, colorful and drawn. The backgrounds are still lame, but the dynamic gameplay doesn't think twice about it. Overall, it's a very good platformer, but it's best to play it on New Year's holidays to enjoy it to the fullest.