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Jetpack - MS-DOS

Jetpack2.txt Jetpack Jetpack is a platform game available as freeware, originally released as shareware by Software Creations in 1993. The goal of the levels is to collect all the green emeralds scattered throughout the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Upon completion, a door opens which the player must pass through to advance to the next level. There is one player and local multiplayer. Multiplayer supports up to eight players, with players taking turns on the same machine. The player is assisted by a jetpack and a phase shifter that allows tunneling through certain walls. The environments that usually consist of brick labyrinths also include vines, gold, ladders, ice, chests, pillars, and conveyor belts. Other obstacles include jagged rocks, force fields, teleportation platforms and indestructible bricks. In order to maintain their jetpack, the player must collect fuel using single / dual tanks or fuel grids. The game includes a simple level editor. Many levels have been published on the Adept Software website. The registered game includes 100 preset levels. The creators also provided a guide with screenshots and a short advice for each level. Jetpack has been released in several varieties, including a holiday version where the player became Santa Claus and ran around leaving gifts on Christmas trees instead of collecting emeralds. The Christmas version was pretty much the same, with different levels and a few more festive sprites. There was also a version intended for children.