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Jill Of The Jungle - MS-DOS

Jill Of The Jungle2.txt Jill Of The Jungle Jill of the Jungle is an arcade game designed in 1992 by Tim Sweeney, founder and longtime CEO of Epic Games (Unreal, Gears of War). Prepared with PCs in mind, the product was intended to compete with competing platformers: the Duke Nukem and Commander Keen series. Like most Epic titles in the early 1990s, the adventures of the Amazon warrior were distributed in a shareware system. The goal of the struggle is to lead the alluring Jill through a land full of danger and reach a toadstool grove. The expedition is not easy, because the protagonists are of course faced with dangerous creatures: giant ants, snakes, crabs and ghosts. Fortunately, the brave Amazon is not defenseless - in the fight against opponents, she can use not only various types of weapons, but also the ability to transform into animals, e.g. into a frog and a fish. Jill of the Jungle offers seventeen levels, the first of which acts as a hub, through which we enter the other sixteen locations. The game offers several interesting solutions, incl. a unique approach to handling weapons. In the Epic MegaGames product, the heroine can only use one murder tool (e.g. a knife) at a time, and if she throws it at enemies, she must return it before using it again. To make it more interesting, the means of extermination can be controlled in a limited way, using our ward's momentum for this purpose. Mastering the difficult technique of throwing objects largely facilitates navigating the densely packed boards. The struggle in Jill of the Jungle is not the easiest one, so the authors have made two important simplifications available to less experienced platformer fans. The first is the turtle mode, which significantly slows down the gameplay, the second is the ability to save our achievements. Both facilities are activated on request at any time of play.