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Joust Vga - MS-DOS

Joust Vga2.txt Joust Vga The Joust VGA will keep you connected to the screen and give you adrenaline. We all love to ride horses, right? But what if they make you ride an ostrich instead? Weird? Thrilled? Well, that's exactly what happens in this Joust VGA game. The game starts with an ostrich rider and in order to win, he has to knock out other riders from his path who are also riding the ostrich. That's it? No, there is nothing else to it. The player doesn't just have to smash other players, but has to be smart enough to collect eggs before they hatch, and once again you're crowded with more enemies to fight in their snowstorm. To add more excitement and make the player more focused, he is occasionally encountered by a pterodactyl that appears out of nowhere and knocks down a player who has been fighting for too long. At the same time, the player must be careful, guarding his path, because suddenly it may turn out that the earth has disappeared and he himself is drowning in the sea. Joust VGA can also be played with two other players. The graphics are mediocre, with more orange, green, and black colors throughout the game. For all those who like to knock their opponents off, this game never gets their nerves bored.