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Jump N Bump - MS-DOS

Jump N Bump2.txt Jump N Bump Jump 'n Bump has no story, except that it includes up to four rabbits in a multiplayer deathmatch: Dott, Jiffy, Fizz, and Mijji trying to jump on their heads to crush each other and score a point while sending a gib everywhere. a real-time keyboard (or network) crowded multiplayer game where up to four human-operated cute, fluffy bunnies can fight each other with one goal: lagomorphic domination of the skull. The rabbits are controlled by players on the same computer with the keyboard, mouse and / or joystick. Against a shepherd's backdrop, Warner Bros. (or any of over a hundred fan-made levels!) these rabbits recreate the glory of the 2D Joust platform without lava, eggs and ostriches; In short, players are racing each other - hunting now, hunting now, tables turn in the blink of an eye - aiming to take advantage of the changing special features of the landscape: slippery ice, water delay, and lifting the springboard to their advantage. Points are earned by jumping on the heads of other bunnies, which has a wonderful (and bloody) effect; A live score for head crush is kept, and flattened players are constantly respawned.