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Kens Labyrinth - MS-DOS

Kens Labyrinth2.txt Kens Labyrinth Ken's Labyrinth is a first-person DOS shooter, released in 1993 by Ken Silverman through his Advanced Systems and later by Epic MegaGames. It was coded entirely by Ken Silverman, who later designed the Build engine, which was used to render the first-person view in Duke Nukem 3D 3D Realms (1996) and most recently in Ion Fury (2019). It consists of three episodes, the first of which was released as shareware. Ken's maze is graphically similar to id Software's Wolfenstein 3D in that the levels are designed using a grid-based plane to create perpendicular walls and texture-free floors and ceilings. Perhaps its most amazing feature was the existence of interactive sprites and textures such as slot machines. This move towards engines enabling more interactivity was later developed by Silverman's Build engine. Ken's Labyrinth was released as Freeware on November 16, 1999. Several different versions have been released and can be downloaded from the official website. Source code appeared on July 1, 2001. The first version is known as Walken, a version that Ken Silverman sent to companies for evaluation. It was the first version created and therefore had very few functions. There was hardly any interactivity and the code was mostly a test. The first version that was released was a modified version of Walken called Ken's Labyrinth. There were many changes including interactivity, the early money system, and music. It was sold directly by Ken using the company name Advanced Systems, the company with which Ken's older brother Alan Silverman was associated. Version 1.1 followed, which included 27 levels and an alternate boss. New enemies, textures and music have been added, as well as a money system allowing the player to locate the money and use it to purchase a random item from the vending machine. Slot machines were also implemented.