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Knights Of The Sky - MS-DOS

Knights Of The Sky2.txt Knights Of The Sky Simulation of air combat and haberdashery in the First World War. Flying north on the road from Lille to blow up a German reconnaissance balloon. He waves at the boys in their muddy trenches. Poor devils. Oh, how they envy me! Left! May be? A scoundrel in a red Fokker! My dear buddy Bates signaled his gun jammed, but that greedy Hun knocked him down anyway. The Fokker is flying east. Home, no doubt low on gas. The balloon can wait. It won't take long. You are a hunter of the most famous German pilots, including the infamous Baron Manfred von Richtofen. Using news and intelligence reports as well as your own intuition, you find 16 men whose successors belittle your own. In the brave tradition of the ancient knights, you challenge anyone who is the true ace of World War I aces