Lamborghini American Challenge - Game Boy

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Lamborghini American Challenge The third and last game in the Crazy Cars series, the PeCet conversion of which was developed by Cistar. Compared to their predecessors, the authors made a huge number of changes, starting with the driving model, and ending with the general rules of the game. We have the first surprises on the good morning. The player creates his virtual alter-ego, gets a certain amount of cash in his hand, a fast car and complete freedom in taking further actions. The theme of the program is participation in illegal races on crowded highways in the United States. The group of daredevils taking part in this dangerous game is divided into several divisions.As the player initially has a small amount of cash, he has not much opportunities, but after winning the first races, this will also change. After completing all the formalities, we start the competition. Your task is, of course, to get the highest position at the finish line, preferably in the top three, because only these places are financially rewarded. However, this is not the only form of earnings in Crazy Cars 3. Before each race, we can take a risk and put a little money in bets. If we manage to defeat three opponents with whom we bet, we take all the money from the pool and additionally expand our account balance. We can spend the money earned not only on the entry fee to subsequent races, but also on the necessary improvements to the cars and its repair (all driving collisions have an impact on the condition of the vehicle). Although installing gadgets significantly increases our chances during races. remember that all opponents do exactly the same, so this is not a 100% recipe for final success. During the race, we see our car from the back, just like in the Lotus series games. Along the way, apart from rivals, there are also ordinary cars and the police, which will pursue you after every, even the smallest, speed limit breach. As you always drive at full throttle in Crazy Cars 3, the attention of law enforcement officers will focus on you practically all the time - it is worth remembering about this in the heat of the fight, because the effects of stopping are usually deplorable. Visually, the game looks great and resembles the aforementioned Lotus series games.