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Lands Of Lore The Throne Of Chaos - MS-DOS

Lands Of Lore The Throne Of Chaos2.txt Lands Of Lore The Throne Of Chaos The evil and insidious witch Scotia has long wanted to destroy the mercifully reigning King Richard and take over the Gladstone keep. However, while her actions so far did not bring the desired effect, now the opportunity has finally arisen to plunge the ruler of the fantastic land forever. And all this is due to the magic ring that allowed the transformation into any creature and which was found by the witch after many years of searching. Seeing the impending danger, King Richard decides to find a daredevil, ready to fight Scotia and able to resist her evil deeds. As you can easily guess, it is you. Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos is another, after two installments of Eye of the Beholder, an RPG game developed by the Westwood Studios team. The previously acquired experience paid off with interest, making this product one of the best role-playing programs of the first half of the nineties. The player chooses from among four prepared characters without having any influence on their stats. Ak'shel is a wizard who knows the arcane of magic, Michael is the best fighter in Gladstone, and Kieran is a master of dodging. The last hero - Conrad - combines all of the above features, becoming a universal hero. Is he the best in the fight against Scotia? You will have to find out for yourself about this. Initially, our hero will travel alone, but the first visit to the tavern will result in the addition of another daredevil, who will significantly help in the fight against the horde of various creatures, densely populating the entire kingdom. As in other programs of this type, the player-led characters gain experience, collect items and use them in further struggles. We observe the action from the perspective of the first person, using the movement system that appeared, among others in the famous Dungeon Master or the Eye of the Beholder series.During the intro, we can also hear spoken dialogues (more of them in the CD version, which was released shortly after the floppy edition).