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Legend Of The Silver Talisman - MS-DOS

Legend Of The Silver Talisman2.txt Legend Of The Silver Talisman The game is similar to the classic coin-operated Gauntlet, except for many other weapons, monsters, and levels. Your ultimate goal - the goal of Episode 3 - is to retrieve the legendary Silver Talisman from the evil wizards who stole it, but if you want, you can play any of the three out-of-order episodes before the finale begins. trip to Mystic Realms. The game strongly resembles Ultima VI, with colorful and attractive VGA graphics based on tiles. The gameplay is simple: you control your hero from a top-down perspective as he moves around the worlds, either attacking monsters in real time or running away from them as the case may be. You can speed up or slow down the game clock, collect and use potions, cast spells, equip magic weapons and do whatever a typical RPG allows. Previously, the shareware title, the game was recently released as freeware by its designer. With a fun mix of action and RPG, Legend of the Silver Talisman should appeal to fans of both genres who are looking for a "light" game, especially designed with multiplayer in mind. Two thumbs up, up!