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Lemmings - MS-DOS

Lemmings2.txt Lemmings Lemmings is undoubtedly one of the most famous games in the history of computer entertainment, and certainly the most converted one - it has been implemented on 28 different hardware platforms in total. As in real life, also in the DMA Design product, lemmings migrate, with the difference, however, that in a computer game the obstacles they encounter on their way are more improbable. The program includes 120 stages, divided into four levels of difficulty, the first of which is not too stressful to learn about the possibilities of the creatures, while the last is a real challenge and requires the player to be extremely inventive. Each of the lemmings can be assigned one of eight activities: climbing, descending from high heights with an umbrella, self-destructing, stopping other lemmings, building bridges, as well as digging down, sideways and diagonally. Each of these functions is limited by a number that tells you how many times you can use the skill while completing the stage. As you can easily guess, at the beginning we can experiment as much as we want, because we have almost unlimited possibilities in using these functions, later it is much worse and you have to find out when and where to use what is given to us. In order to successfully complete a given stage, you need to lead the number of lemmings to the exit specified at the beginning. If we fail, we can repeat the board as much as we want, moreover, we constantly receive codes that will allow us to continue the fun from the last completed level. The program has raw, but clear graphics in low resolution and an extensive soundtrack - especially the music is above average here. In general, the product is aimed at enthusiasts of breaking the head and owners of angelic patience, because while at the beginning of the game everything seems seemingly easy, later, for most daredevils, the puzzles become too difficult or even impossible to solve.