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Lhx Attack Chopper - MS-DOS

Lhx Attack Chopper2.txt Lhx Attack Chopper Well, this is a 1990 game with some really interesting concepts. The player Su-25 Sthurmovik will feel at home because the menu system is the same. The VGA graphics are nice, very crisp despite being a bit skewed with the polygonal features of the terrain. Although the flight mode in this game is unrealistic, the game has one feature - pure fun. It is much better than the arcade Comanche (from Novalogic). You can fly the LHX (future helicopter) Apache, Blackhawk and Osprey. They all fly differently, being the LHX a clever little bug, very fast and agile, and armed to the teeth, the Apache is slower and tougher but even better armed (despite having an analog cockpit), the Blackhawk is a workhorse but armed, hard to crack like a nut and truly essential for rescue and supply missions, and Osprey, an airplane-helicopter hybrid (currently in service) that takes off like a helicopter and then flies like an airplane. Weapons are varied, and directing TOW missiles into the enemy's throat is great fun. Speaking of which, the enemy is not too stupid. Missiles and AAA will attack you as fast as possible, and so will tanks. While enemy helicopters won't pose much of a threat (unless they're Havocs or Hokum), enemy jets will. The missions vary widely, from armed reconnaissance to deep strike