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Liero - MS-DOS

Liero2.txt Liero Liero a free computer game from the shooter genre, created in 1998 by the Finnish programmer Joosa Riekkinen for the MS-DOS operating system. It was described by him as real-time Worms (as opposed to the turn-based system used in Worms). It is possible to play two people on a split screen or against a computer-controlled opponent. The last Riekkinen version 1.33 was released on February 13, 1999, after which the author lost the source code (Turbo Pascal 7) due to a hard disk failure. In March 2005, the source code of Liero version 0.25 was accidentally found. On August 8, 2008, with Riekkinen's approval, OpenLiero was recognized as the official sequel to Liero, which runs on Windows and Linux, among others. The current version is 1.36. The player has at his disposal an earthworm (fin. Liero) armed with five types of weapons, which can be selected or randomly selected from among forty available. Each earthworm is also equipped with a spring rope with a hook. A given worm can move to the right or left, jump up and activate a weapon or a rope. Various weapons are available for use in the game, including a bazooka, a grenade, a shotgun and a submachine gun, which have infinite ammunition (although the weapon requires reloading). A player's character has a certain amount of health that he loses as a result of damage.