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Litil Divil - MS-DOS

Litil Divil2.txt Litil Divil Produced by Gremlin Graphics, the product called Litil Divil is an arcade-logical game that will allow you to play the role of Mutt - the devil residing in Hell. Our hero will have a chance to penetrate the maze consisting of five levels, which is a transition between the abyss inhabited by demons and the Earth. At the end of the long road ... pizza awaits. Getting it is the main goal of the game. The gameplay of Litil Divil consists of two phases - wandering through the maze and solving puzzles. In the first case, we observe the devil from a third person perspective. We move the protagonist with the cursor keys, walking forward or turning into new corridors. There is also a jump available - useful for avoiding numerous traps, e.g. holes in the ground. To make it easier, the authors tried to use a map located in the upper left corner of the screen, which shows the position of the devil in relation to the visited dungeons (however, it does not present much terrain, so the player must demonstrate an excellent memory). While hiking, keep an eye on the amount of blood on the strip at the bottom of the screen. Each falling into a trap takes a part of our vitality. The total loss of energy is tantamount to the end of the struggle (fortunately, from time to time you can find vials with life-giving liquid and food that increases our chances of surviving in difficult conditions). The painstaking way through the labyrinth will be interrupted by a visit to special chambers in which Mutt has to perform a specific task. The difficulty of the puzzles is that the program does not inform us in any way what to do with the encountered obstacle.In most cases, overcoming an obstacle requires having the right items, which we buy in shops scattered throughout the maze for gold found here and there. Again, Litil Divil doesn't tell the player what the item is for. Fortunately, Mutt himself reaches for the indicated item in a specific room - which makes the task much easier. Litil Divil is a unique production. From the very beginning, the player is thrown into deep water and has to figure out what it is all about. The instruction attached to the program contains enigmatic hints from which nothing can be derived.