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Lords Of The Realm - MS-DOS

Lords Of The Realm2.txt Lords Of The Realm Lords of the Realm is a strategy game set in the realities of medieval England, which combines extensive economic and military threads. Of course, there is only one way to get it - by total domination. Each of the claimants to the throne takes possession of one of several territories. The game is divided into turns (determining the seasons of the year), during which all the rulers take specific actions. The most important of them are, of course, field work, aimed at increasing the amount of food, obtaining mineral resources and building a fortress, which will be a command center and at the same time an effective barrier against enemy troops. In a later phase, the player will also have to build up his army and start expanding to gain new territories and eliminate opponents. In Lords of the Realm, your account balance determines your success, which is why you need to spend the most effort in earning money. Without gold, we will not hire mercenaries, nor will we develop the army, and we will not be able to afford the missing resources. As is often the case in medieval England, the only constant element of your income is taxes paid by your subjects. However, one should not exaggerate with their height, as this may lead to social unrest and, as a result, loss of control. The second major source of money is trade. However, it is only possible when merchants visit our territory. In general, it is the efficient economy that has the greatest impact on winning the game. With a lot of money, you will be able to raise a sizeable army and it will certainly repay you by conquering new areas for your glory. The fight was treated as solidly as the economic thread in Lords of the Realm (at least when it comes to commanding troops, because there is not much good to say about the enemy's intelligence). The player decides to arrange his army in formation, use knights, archers, catapults, ladders or rams.