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Lure Of The Temptress - MS-DOS

Lure Of The Temptress2.txt Lure Of The Temptress Lure of the Temptress is an adventure game signed with the Revolution Software logo, known to most players mainly due to the Broken Sword series. The main character of the program is Diermot, a royal servant who comes with his master and his army to the village of Turnvale to nip an alleged rebellion in the bud. On the spot, however, it turns out that instead of the peasants with pitchforks in their hands, the monarch is facing a horde of monsters (Scorls), armed to the teeth, led by the sorceress Selena. As a result of the fatal battle, the king says goodbye to life, the army is crushed and our hero, unconscious due to a fall from a horse, ends up in a dark and gloomy dungeon. The main task of the player is, of course, to tame evil Selena. Before that happens, however, you have to get out of prison and go on an adventure full of puzzles. Lure of the Temptress is the first adventure game to use an engine developed by Revolution Software developers called Virtual Theater. Thanks to it, all characters in the game actively participate in social life, they can move between locations and perform everyday activities. Compared to other adventure games from the early nineties, it was a big step forward, although the idea itself was not used to the best of its abilities. Using the program is very simple and is based on the "point & click" interface. After right-clicking on any item or character, a short menu appears, from which we can choose the action we are interested in. During the game, we encounter several companions (including Ratpouch's joker almost from the very beginning), whom we can commission to perform various activities. The program is characterized by nice graphics, nice musical setting and a lot of different puzzles. By far the biggest drawback of the game is its length - an intermediate player should deal with it in one afternoon. Lure of the Temptress also contains an unforgivable error that sometimes results in the inability to complete the adventure. To eliminate it, restart the game right after it has started.