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Machiavelli The Prince - MS-DOS

Machiavelli The Prince2.txt Machiavelli The Prince Machiavelli the Prince is a strategy and economic game made by Holistic Design for MicroProse, which is in fact a modernized version of the Merchant Prince program, released in 1993 by QQP. The plot leaves no illusions: Your rich uncle Niccolo, just before his death, will save you a little penny and a map of the world known in the 14th century. As a future merchant, you need to make your family name famous, first in Venice, then in Italy, and finally across the continent. The Holistic Design product faithfully continues the traditions of the original. It contains all the elements that made the original Merchant Prince popular: extensive merchant options, strategic gameplay with the possibility of exterminating competitors in various ways, and realism, manifested by the complex political situation of that time. It is worth mentioning that in addition to trading in its purest form (buying goods in one place and selling them more expensive in another), you will be able to get the Pope's favors by winning cardinals sitting in the Vatican on your side or becoming a doge, provided you win the favor of senators. The game is very extensive and it will surely surprise you with a multitude of options. Buying works of art, accusing opponents of corruption (after appointing themselves as a judge), hiring paid murderers, capable of killing senators bribed by competitors - these are just a handful of opportunities offered by Machiavelli the Prince. Visually, the game makes a much better impression than the original. Increased resolution, a large number of colors, icons made with great reverence - all this should be liked by even the greatest malcontent. Additional charm is added by the main screen of the program, reminiscent of the immortal Civilization of Sid Meier. The sound setting is also not the worst and introduces the evocative atmosphere of the Renaissance. If someone is bored with the historical realities, he can rely on the mercy of the computer and generate the world randomly. It is similar with opponents - if they are not a strong enough competitor for us, it is always worth inviting other players (up to four) to play. The game takes place on one computer and is not a problem, especially since the whole game is divided into consecutive turns.