Magic Carpet 2 - MS-DOS

Magic Carpet 22.txt Magic Carpet 2 A sequel to an unforgettable action game by one of the most accomplished companies in the computer entertainment industry, Bullfrog. In the game, we have the opportunity to sit at the "helm" of a real magic carpet, which we will perform amazing acrobatics literally half a meter above the ground level. Several dozen missions await us, in which we will be able to expand our castle, defend it against the destructive temptations of our enemies and gather strength and mana in preparation for the final attack that will destroy our opponents and their castles. In each of them, we will have a lot of ruthless fight with a whole swarm of terrifying monsters and dragons. Magic Carpet 2 has a significantly improved graphics with many new details, thanks to which, during night missions and the exploration of dark dungeons, our hair will stand on end when we see the fiery mouth of the bloodthirsty dragon in front of us