Major Stryker - MS-DOS

Major Stryker2.txt Major Stryker Major Stryker is a 2D vertical scrolling shooter written for DOS by Apogee Software.It consists of three episodes, the first of which is distributed as shareware and the rest are commercially available. The three episodes take place on a lava planet, an arctic planet and a desert planet. There are three difficulty levels that have drastically different levels of upgrades, enemies, and enemy fire. Due to the greater number of enemies, much higher scores are possible at higher difficulty levels. At regular intervals, Stryker allies deliver numbered crates containing firepower upgrades that affect the pattern and number of shots fired. The player with enhanced firepower is lowered to single shots when hit. The player with the base firepower loses a life immediately. Hitting a wall also causes loss of life regardless of firepower. There are three different types of shields: two side shields that protect the jet left and right until it is damaged, two temporary shields with small waves that rotate around the jet, and a temporary invulnerability shield shield. Buffs can be obtained by destroying an entire fleet of ships or by destroying the shield of a shielded reinforcement. Six upgrades appear as letters. B (Burst) increases the number of shots the player can take on the screen. H (Hover) stops scrolling for a few seconds. R (Quick Shot) temporarily allows the player to shoot continuously by holding down the shot button, rather than touching it as usual. M (Major Stryker) is an extra life. S (Speed) temporarily increases the ship's speed. After using a bomb, they deal two points of damage to everyone on the screen, except hiding enemies, and cause all enemy fire on the screen to disappear. Both H and S have double-edged sword quality, requiring the player to carefully consider when to pick them up; H releases enemy fleets on opposite sides of the screen, while S increases the ship's dynamics, preventing precise maneuvering or targeting. At the end of each level, the player scores additional points based on the percentage of enemies destroyed and hostages saved, as well as point bonuses based on secret achievements. The hostages are saved by ramming the capsules in which they are. Capsules are otherwise invincible and can serve as obstacles to block the player's fire.