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Mario Brothers Vga - MS-DOS

Mario Brothers Vga2.txt Mario Brothers Vga Mario Brothers VGA is a game that will give every child of the 90s a pleasant journey into memory. There are very few who haven't played this game with the little mustachioed guy. Super Mario Brothers is the first multiplayer game in which the second player is Mario's brother Luigi. Mario and Luigi reach the final stage together by defeating the evil turtles. It may sound boring, but this game is classic and once you play it, you will become attached to it. This is a simple and fun game where all you have to do is destroy the turtles. However, this is not achieved by jumping on them. To do this, you have to get under the turtle and turn it around. There is also a "POW" button that you will find out when you play the game and hit it. It's an old game, so you can't expect graphics similar to what you see in today's games. One of the main advantages of this game is that you can customize the controls for each player. Anyone who is not bored with the 16 colors and sounds of PC speakers can enjoy this game. This game doesn't contain any music which is a bit boring but when you fall or jump into a turtle you get catchy sounds. Mario Brothers VGA is a game that everyone, tough gamer or not, should play at least once in their life.